Over the Air Technology

In the latest OTA series, SensoScientific sensors combine the simplicity, accuracy, and reliability of environmental monitoring devices with powerful Over-the-Air firmware.


Eliminate Manual Upgrades With Over-the-Air Firmware

Over-the-Air (OTA) updates are the wireless transmission of software upgrades.
Software is ever-improving and, thus, ever-expiring. Over time, sensor software naturally deteriorates due to environmental conditions, updated user preferences, software bugs, and more. It is crucial to regularly update software to ensure sensors are collecting the most accurate data possible.

Without OTA capability, sensors must receive manual upgrades or be replaced entirely. Regularly replacing devices with each software upgrade is detrimental to cost-control. Likewise, manual upgrades are cumbersome as each sensor must be physically connected to a computer and individually reprogrammed. This forces devices to be idle for an extended period that may otherwise be spent performing.

Sensors are designed to operate in remote locations for extended periods under minimal supervision. Manual updates contradict sensors’ low-maintenance design and makes software upgrades inconvenient and inefficient.

The Power of Over-the-Air Updates

OTA firmware updates can rectify software issues without the need to physically upgrade or replace hardware. Updates occur automatically from a sensor’s remote location and do not need to be taken out of commission to receive software updates. This ensures that sensors are collecting accurate data and software is continuously improved.

Product behavior, software features, and infrastructure is continuously improved across fleets of devices. No longer are users subjected to the chore of manual upgrades, making OTA technology a more efficient and scalable solution to software upgrades.


Remote, Automatic Updates

Devices update automatically via a Wi-Fi connection, making environmental monitoring software updates more streamlined than ever before.


No Performance Disruptions

Sensors remain fully functioning and interactive during OTA updates, continuously monitoring and recording real-time data.


100% Secure

In partnership with Microsoft Azure cloud platform, SensoScientific utilizes FIPS compliant, bank-grade security to provide fully encrypted software updates.

No Manual Upgrades

  • No desktop or server required
  • No software installation
  • No database maintenance

No need to physically reprogram devices, one by one, or send devices out for service. OTA enables devices to update via a Wifi connection. Manual upgrades force devices to be idle for an extended period that may otherwise be spent performing. Whereas, SensoScientific OTA Sensors continuously record real-time data and remain fully functional during upgrades.



Scalable and Cost Efficient

Update multiple devices at once and eliminate time-consuming labor toward manual upgrades. OTA firmware allows fleets of sensors to upgrade with no downtime. Eliminate the need to perform time consuming manual upgrades, send devices out for service, or replace devices altogether. OTA updates protect your bottom line and phase out costly upgrades.

Expand Product Life Span

OTA firmware updates rectify software issues without the need to physically upgrade or replace the hardware. Developers deploy new updates continuously to service consumer’s ever-growing needs. Bugs are more-easily repaired. Features are tested and changed to accomodate user experience. Device software is kept up-to-date even after purchase, lengthening sensor life span.


Future-Proof Your Monitoring System

SensoScientific OTA firmware makes sensor software updates more streamlined than ever before. Product behavior, software-features, and infrastructure is improved across multiple units through the SensoScientific cloud.

Automatic upgrades occur in a matter of minutes while simultaneously optimizing field time as devices remain in their remote location. There is no need for manual upgrades or hardware replacements, making OTA a scalable and efficient solution to temperature monitoring software upgrades.

Devices upgrade firmware automatically while mianting high-quality performance. Whereas most devices experience a downtime during OTA updates, SensoScientific sensors are fully functioning and interactive while continuously recording real-time data.

Conveniently manage your fleet of environmental monitoring sensors with SensoScientific.