Food Safety Management System

The SensoScientific food safety temperature monitoring system HACCP Master® is designed to help meet the HACCP Regulatory Requirements for reporting, analyzing, and storing temperature data. The temperature probe integrates with our iOS application which runs on any standard iPhone or iPod Touch. This system is designed to simplify and transfer the recording of HACCP system temperatures, checklist, and corrective actions to the HACCP Master® Cloud storage.

The HACCP Master® Application is designed to perform two basic functions:

1. Collect temperatures and perform HACCP audit checklist.
2. Provide a way to store, analyze, and report HACCP temperatures.

Other HACCP Master® Functions

• Customizable temperature recording system (Check list)
• Record product/location/equipment/process temperatures
• Immediate pass/fail decision
• Document corrective actions for failed readings
• Insightful and Flexible Reporting
• Ergonomic and durable probe
• Cloud based management (Reliable record keeping)
• iOS – Easy and intuitive interface (Minimal training)

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