Universal Node

At SensoScientific, we understand the challenge to maintain and monitor the component elements and compounds in your environment. With our Wi-Fi Cloud CO₂ sensor you can receive advanced alerts via email, SMS text message, voicemail, fax, or pager when the data exceeds the limits you set. This is idea for sterile lab rooms, pharmaceutical clean rooms, research and academic laboratories, industrial manufacturing, or any critical environment. With the Universal Node you can interface existing sensors to the Microsoft® Azure Cloud Interface to monitor your environment. This is especially useful for research settings where you may need to monitor Ozone, N2 CO, or NH3. These gases can build up and ruin years of precious research and data.


The CO² monitors are designed to measure carbon dioxide in harsh and humid environments. The ABS plastic housing is dustproof and waterproof to IP65 standards with a choice of several measurement ranges; up to 20% of CO². The patented sensor has unique reference measurement capabilities. Its critical parts are made of silicon; giving the sensor outstanding stability over both time and temperature.