Sensoscientific Nist Traceable Certificate of Calibration Provides Best Return On Investment.

SensoScientific offering the best Return on Investment for Temperature Monitoring is now A2LA Certified

SensoScientific is proud to announce that the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) has accredited SensoScientific Laboratory Corporate Headquarters in Simi Valley, California USA (A2LA Certificate # 3766.01) as a highly competent organization for its calibration services in accordance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories.

Why Calibrate?

Accuracy of measurement devices drift over time making it necessary to ensure device accuracy through calibration.

• Ensures accuracy of instrument readings
• Readings consistent with other instruments
• Establishes instrument trust & reliability

Why SensoScientific Calibration?

Our ongoing calibration services justify initial requisition with cost savings, faster calibrations and less downtime. Our Snap Calibration Solution is more reliable and time-efficient than traditional options.

SensoScientific Calibration Plans

Annual Calibrations: Calibrations once a year
Biannual Calibrations: Calibrations every other year
End Calibration: Recalibration with ‘Before Data’ & Certificate
On Demand: Unscheduled Calibrations as requested

Certified by World’s Premier Laboratory Association, A2LA

• Experienced technical staff
• Appropriate & verified calibration methods
• Measurement calibrations aligned with national standards
• Suitable & highly maintained test equipment
• Accurate & quality assured calibration data

How Does it Benefit You as a Customer of SensoScientific?

As a customer, selecting SensoScientific calibrations services :

Minimizes your risk – You know you are choosing a technically reliable and competent lab that has a solid quality management system in place.

Avoids expensive retesting / recalibrating – Enhance confidence in your system by knowing that it has been thoroughly evaluated by an independent, competent calibration laboratory that has been assessed by a third party.

Reduces your costs and improves your credibility and compliance as an organization, worldwide – Through the system of international agreements (e.g. International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation [ILAC] Mutual Recognition Arrangement), your organization also receives an international recognition, which allows your data to be more readily accepted everywhere. This recognition helps reduce your costs by eliminating the need for retesting/recalibrating in other countries. Our laboratory accreditation provides a formal recognition able to meet your needs through providing a high level of confidence in your measurement results.

SensoScientific Sensors are NIST Traceable

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) develops and promotes measurement standards and technology to enhance productivity, facilitate trade and improve quality of life. Our temperature sensors have been calibrated, certified and traceable to NIST standards to ensure its accuracy.

International Recognition of SensoScientific Calibration Services